Environment Concept Class

Various projects

last project: Perspective, Light and Mood
Ghibli movie redesign 

Lotr screenshot study

Colour and Mood

 Thumbnails Explorations

 Light and Story

Environment concept class at OCADU taught by Milan Schere!
I've been always have trouble with digital painting... especially with environment. I realized I enjoy doing thumbnails the most than actual rendering haha. I learned a lot from this course, still have to push my atmosphere, perspective and contrasts more! Something to be work on over the summer for sure! 

A Painting A Day

I decided to spent Christmas break visiting family in China! With such cold weather I decided to bring my oil paints with me. It was a bit of hassle preparing them for border inspection but everything went through pretty smoothly. My lead white got flagged on my way back so they had to open my suitcase. My Rambrandt cadium orange also kinda leaked out of its tube... but it wasn't that messy. 

Tips to artist travellers, always label your oil paint as Artist Pigment on the package. Bring a copy of your material hazard list as well, usually available from company website. I packed all my oil tubes in a metal container and triple bagged it as well, a bit heavy on the weight but better save than sorry! Always check them in! 

Anyhow I decided to do a study a day during my short time at home before we went travelling. My goal was to work on my sense of colour and light! Forcing yourself to wake up to paint helps tremendously with jetlag! All paintings are 5" x 7" on gessoed board, for easy packing!

Left is first day, right is last day! 

Overall I felt like I learned a lot by the end of it. Note to self to use bigger brushes next time! I still have trouble with designing and unifying major shape and value. I tend to jump too early into detail, which is not good. Practice, practice, practice! 

Characters Concept Class Fall 2014

Project 1 & 2: Mobile Game Character Design

(L) Apocat: Alien cat that eats pizza as only diet
(R) Ice Cream Man: Monster that eats children as only diet

Project 3 & 4: Character In Environment

 Alice Madness Redesign

The Dragon and the King

Proj 5: Adventure Time Live Action Film Redesign

Various projects from Character Concept Class at OCADU taught by Peter Chan. I learned a lot from this course, from basic understanding of value, shape design to digital painting techniques. My conclusion at the end of this course is man I gotta do more anatomy, lightings and films studies to flesh out my design. Practice practice practice! 

Medium exploration aka Fan arts dump!

 I use fan arts to explores different mediums and style, that way I can just focus on the application instead of the contents! They are so relaxing haha...

It is a lot easier to draw a character you love and knows so well, they just kinda jump out of you. Totoro, that creepy yet kind monster that lurks the forest. He was my tyger tyger  burning bright

Summer Workshop 1: Glenn Vilppu

Had the opportunity to take a 9 days workshop with Glenn Vilppu. Most fun week of intense study I ever had. It was a 9 days of anatomy and structure. First few days were regular and costume life drawing. Then we had two great dans coming in class! Then we got a chance to go to High Park to draw some scenery and animals.

It was a difficult workshop because there were so much I need to learn but man it was great!
Need to practice and practice to drill the knowledge into my brain, learning is a never ending journey, and I love it.