Summer Plein Air I


The weather has been amazing so I've been painting outside a lot lately. Mostly around downtown Toronto! 

Latest en plein air at University of Toronto. My first few thumbnails are mainly shape, composition and value studies. The last one is a colour study. 

Big trees and Amanda at high park! 

Mt Pleasant Cemetery! I saw a family of raccoon.. so cute.. I'm going to have to doodle them next time I visit!  

King Edward at Queen's Park! This one was really tough. My attempt at painting metal kinda failed. Going to do some still life studies and try again! 

The Distillery District. It look like its gonna topple over haha. Note to self, lock down drawing before painting! I always get way to excited to paint :(


Frenchie Friday!

So me and a bunch of OCAD kids decided to get together and paint each other every Friday!
I decided to nick name it Frenchie Friday after the cute dog and the phrase "paint me like one of your French girl" 


Here are some alla prima I painted from past sessions. Each sitting is 25 min. 
It was a lot more difficult to model than I thought... I cannot keep a straight face :D

I shall do a compilation of everyone's work for future entries. I think that will be very fun!