Frenchie Friday!

So me and a bunch of OCAD kids decided to get together and paint each other every Friday!
I decided to nick name it Frenchie Friday after the cute dog and the phrase "paint me like one of your French girl" 


Here are some alla prima I painted from past sessions. Each sitting is 25 min. 
It was a lot more difficult to model than I thought... I cannot keep a straight face :D

I shall do a compilation of everyone's work for future entries. I think that will be very fun! 

Sargent Master Studies at Studio West

Some master studies from over the past term at Studio West Art from my courses with Keita Morimoto and Peter Chan! Finally scanned everything so now I can post them.

Madam X portrait study, this one was really fun because Peter taught us a new painting process, which is painting on shellac! Shellac is a type of violin varnish that provides a super smooth and orange surface. We paint the rough lines first on gesso board then pour shellac on top of the shellac. Then we paint on top of it. It was really fun to see the contrast between the warm and cool. This study was done with zorn palette! 

I like painting kids... but they always end up looking kinda creepy even in studies. :(
Anyhow did a value study before the coloured one with zorn palette.
I am really happy with those spots of blue :)

Learned load! I have to work on be more confident with my brush stroke, leave it and don't touch it! I keep going over stuffs... Need to work harder! Practice, practice, practice!!!

A Painting A Day

I decided to spent Christmas break visiting family in China! With such cold weather I decided to bring my oil paints with me. It was a bit of hassle preparing them for border inspection but everything went through pretty smoothly. My lead white got flagged on my way back so they had to open my suitcase. My Rambrandt cadium orange also kinda leaked out of its tube... but it wasn't that messy. 

Tips to artist travellers, always label your oil paint as Artist Pigment on the package. Bring a copy of your material hazard list as well, usually available from company website. I packed all my oil tubes in a metal container and triple bagged it as well, a bit heavy on the weight but better save than sorry! Always check them in! 

Anyhow I decided to do a study a day during my short time at home before we went travelling. My goal was to work on my sense of colour and light! Forcing yourself to wake up to paint helps tremendously with jetlag! All paintings are 5" x 7" on gessoed board, for easy packing!

Left is first day, right is last day! 

Overall I felt like I learned a lot by the end of it. Note to self to use bigger brushes next time! I still have trouble with designing and unifying major shape and value. I tend to jump too early into detail, which is not good. Practice, practice, practice!