Summer Plein Air I


The weather has been amazing so I've been painting outside a lot lately. Mostly around downtown Toronto! 

Latest en plein air at University of Toronto. My first few thumbnails are mainly shape, composition and value studies. The last one is a colour study. 

Big trees and Amanda at high park! 

Mt Pleasant Cemetery! I saw a family of raccoon.. so cute.. I'm going to have to doodle them next time I visit!  

King Edward at Queen's Park! This one was really tough. My attempt at painting metal kinda failed. Going to do some still life studies and try again! 

The Distillery District. It look like its gonna topple over haha. Note to self, lock down drawing before painting! I always get way to excited to paint :(



So for the past few months, I have been super busy with preparing for my thesis on top of my animation portfolio. I haven't really post much about it because I've been kind of neglecting it. My thesis is about how food changed history. This is one of the few pieces I'm happy with. 

It is about Banana Republic and how it still continuously control and enslave Latin American country through illegal work and threats. 

First figure painting of the year!

First life painting of the semester!
I decided to gouache it :D 

Name tagged as per usual first class! This is actually my second time taking a class with Sara Sniderhan. It is her first year at OCAD U, definitely recommend! Her critiques are very precise and concrete. She also covers different painting techniques, more specifically Jeremy Lipking's, who she studied with. Her teaching style is similar to Kevin Bae (another awesome painting teacher), but their critiques styles are very different. 

Maybe I should write a blog about different painting profs at OCAD U. Since illustrative and observational painting courses are one of my favourite experiences at OCAD U. 

Costume Life Drawing

Costume life drawing at OCADU with Bob Bergers. I decided to experiment a lot in Bob's class to work on my colour and design sense over realistic representation. I really enjoyed Bob's class because he is really big on teaching the design of visual representation. 

With the umbrella lady I mainly focused on trying to paint the light, it was difficult but really fun. Thanks god gouache dries fast haha. I run out of time for rest of the image though. :(

For hat and glasses lady I tried to paint their personality and caricature with colours. Worked on a small surface helps just get the shapes and feeling down. No space or time for details!